Hand Tied VS. Machine Tied Weft Extensions: What's the difference?

Hand tied and machine tied weft extensions are the two most popular types of wefts used for the sew-in/braidless weave method. Here is the real difference between these two types of wefts.

Hand tied wefts are produced by manually tying hair to the extension seam and knotting it in place by hand by an experienced technician. Machine tied wefts on the other hand are produced by using an industrial sewing machine to attach the hair to the weft.

Hand tied wefts usually have a much thinner weft in comparison to machine wefts.

One of the main differences between the two wefts is that machine wefts can be cut whereas hand tied wefts cannot be cut without unraveling.

Because hand tied extensions cannot be cut, each weft is usually between 5” to 13”. However, if you work directly with a hair extension manufacturer, you can customize the width of each hand tied weft based on your preference. Machine wefts are usually one single long weft that can be cut.


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