The most comprehensive program for people who want to become hair extension experts and increase their revenue by 6-figures or more.

Inside the Extensionista Academy, not only will you learn everything you need to complete some gorgeous hair extension transformations, you will also learn some valuable business and marketing tips that will help you advertise your services and successfully run your hair extension business.

Our knowledgeable extension experts teach you different extension methods such as: tape-in extensions, beaded rows (braidless weave), nano bead extensions...

P.S.: Every extension transformation photo on this page will be transformations your will learn inside the EXTENSIONISTA ACADEMY! Colour matching, extension installation, cutting/blending, styling... for every single model on this page!


Before I tell you all about this amazing program, let's talk about who this is really for...


The EXTENSIONISTA ACADEMY is for you if you are:


➡️ A hairdresser who is thinking about adding hair extension services to your service menu and boost your revenue by 6 figures per year and beyond.

➡️ A hairdresser who already offers hair extension services but who would like to perfect your skills and learn more about the other aspects of the hair extension industry in order to provide a better service to your customers and make more money.

➡️ A salon owner with one or multiple hairdressers, who would like to properly train your staff and start offering hair extension services in your salon and drastically increase your salon revenue.

➡️ A cosmetology school wanting to have a hair extension platform for students to properly learn about hair extensions.

➡️ An aspiring hairdresser who would like to see if hair extension services are something she/he would be interested in.

Please check the requirements with your local cosmetology board before offering hair extension services.

If you are a hairdresser and you're not making a MINIMUM of $15,000 to $20,000 per month in revenue, then you absolutely need to join the EXTENSIONISTA ACADEMY and follow our guidance.

Meet our talented instructors!

Here is what you'll learn about every extension method:

✅ Important information about hair extensions

✅ Proper client consultation

✅ Colour matching

✅ Extension installation

✅ Cutting & blending

✅ Styling & finishing

✅ Removal & reinstall


You'll also learn some usefull business and marketing tips from every instructor


Many years ago, only celebrities and elite women were able to get hair extensions. Now, women of different ages are getting extensions to give them the longer and fuller hair they have always dreamed of.
Our customers are stay-at-home moms, teachers, nurses, corporate women, the list goes on... 
Extension services are one of THE MOST profitable services at the salon right now, and clients are willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have their dream hair.
You see, hair extensions means more than just adding length and volume. You are providing women with so much more confidence and self-esteem.
You’ve probably heard the expression, “when you look good, you feel good,” right? That’s exactly what extensions do. They make women feel good about themselves.

Let's clear some of the misconceptions some people have about hair extensions

Some people think you can "just grow your hair out" or do some miracle treatments and your hair will magically grow. Or, they say “just be patient”.

Unfortunately, hair growth is not that straight forward. A huge part of why someone cannot grow out their hair to a certain length or thickness is genetics. Indeed, your genes play a huge role in your hair type.

Some people have health problems, or they have to take medication that causes thinning. Some people want extra length and/or volume for special occasions. Not everyone can “just grow their hair out”.

Many other factors affect your hair as well but there is no secret formula to growing hair that works.

This is the most complete extension training course available online!

Most extension training courses teach you their technique on only ONE model and only ONE type of hair throughout the entire training course.

However, each installation should be customized to each client's specific head shape and desired outcome.

In this training, we have multiple models with different types of hair, and they’re all looking for different hairstyles with extensions. You'll see how we install extensions on clients with thick, thin, long, and short hair.

We’ll show you different sectioning patterns based on each client's head shape, hair density and where they part their hair.

You'll learn how to install extensions for a client who has bangs and how to accommodate for a high ponytail.

We’ll talk about how to colour-match a client who has dark roots, highlights, or a solid colour in her hair.

You'll learn different ways to create chemical-free ombré and balayage hairstyles, only using extensions.

And much more...

There is so much you can do with extensions!

You can also create some beautiful chemical-free ombré and balayage looks only using extensions.

See this gorgeous lady, for example. Her name is Kat. She has medium brown hair. We created her ombré look, in the AFTER pictures, only using extensions.

This is a quick and easy way for clients who want to be blonde for example, but who don’t want to damage their hair with harsh chemicals.

Normally, to achieve this blonde look on a client, you would need to lighten/bleach her hair a few times, and then apply a toner that will probably fade after a few washes.

With extensions, not only is it faster to achieve her blonde ombré look, but her hair also doesn’t need to go through any chemical treatment.

The extra length and volume are nice too.

We have a detailed training video of Kat’s hair extensions application (and others) inside the EXTENSIONISTA ACADEMY.

This is another chemical-free transformation you will learn inside the EXTENSIONISTA ACADEMY.

This is Alisha, she has jet black hair, but wanted to add a fun color to her hair.

We used extensions to create this beautiful red/burgundy look. No chemical treatment needed!


You will have access to a list of suppliers that we have tested over the years. You will be able to purchase top quality extensions and products at a wholesale price and create your own brand of hair extensions to use on your clients.

Some of the suppliers we recommend have a very low minimum order quantity. You will be able to order extensions and products for your clients without needing a huge investment!

When you join the EXTENSIONISTA ACADEMY, a complete training kit will be sent to you!

The kit will include:

✅ 150 grams of Extensionista top quality tape-in extensions in 20 inches (tap-in extensions, nano bead extensions AND handtied weft extensions)

✅ A full head mannequin

✅ Cutting / blending shears and texturizing shears

✅ Combs and multiple clips ✅ Extension sewin thread ✅ Sewing needles ✅ Loop threader ✅ Extension bead plier ✅ Silicon lined microlink rings

✅ Tape-in extension remover

✅ Replacement tapes

You will receive EVERYTHING you need to practice all 3 extension methods (tape-ins, braidless weave & nano bead extensions)

The retail value of these items is over $2,000

But you get all these items absolutely FREE when you join the EXTENSIONISTA ACADEMY


Learning the skills necessary to create some awesome hair extension transformations is just as important as learning how to advertise yourself and your services in order to attract new clients as well as keeping your clientele satisfied with your services.

I will give you a breakdown of all the tools and software I use to build my website, edit customer photos and videos and I will give you the marketing strategies I use to help me generate six-figures a year in revenue by providing tape-in extension services to my clients.

 You will see everything I use behind the scenes to run my business. From the appointment scheduling system I use to book and manage my clients, to you how I plan my social media posts and exactly how I advertise my services to get new clients and keep my existing clients excited about their hair and my salon.

Access this training on all devices, 24/7

Mobile phone, computer (desktop & laptop), tablet...



When you join the EXTENSIONISTA ACADEMY, you will have access to 2 one-on-on strategy sessions where we will come up with a step-by-step marketing strategy to advertise your extension services and book clients.

Some reviews from our students

Maddison - Toronto, Vancouver (Canada)

This is the most in-depth extension training I have ever taken (I have taken a lot over the years). I like that they have different models for the same technique. They allows you to see how you can adjust your installation based on the client's hair density and length". I have been doing extensions for a few years but I was surprised at how much I learned in the Extensionista academy. My installations DEFINITELY look a lot more natural now and I am using better extensions on my clients.

Deanna - Washington, D.C. (USA)

My training kit arrived within a few days. I didn't even have to pay any customs charges. I got a lot of items in my kit. The quality of the extensions they sent was very good. I think I will save those extensions to sell to clients. I might just get cheaper extensions somewhere to practice with lol. I'm very excited to add extension services to my service menu. Nathalie has been very encouraging. She has been very helpful and has answered all my questions so far.

Juliana - Dallas, Texas (USA)

Nathalie is very helpful. She shared so much information with me about the hair extension industry. She truly cares about her students and she wants everyone to be successful. I literally sent Nathalie some pictures of my first few clients and she told me exactly how I should install their extensions haha. Turned out so beautiful! I'm getting more comfortable now with extension clients. Thank you so much for everything!


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Some of the videos available inside the EXTENSIONISTA ACADEMY



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